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Cowhides – walking on natural luxury

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Cows have long been known and loved as valuable providers of natural products. For some years however it has above all been their hides that have been regarded as infinitely adaptable natural products in the world of interiors. Cowhides are chic, extravagant, warm and fashionable. They can be superbly finished and used in an endless number of ways.

As a natural product, each hide is unique, telling its own story of life in nature. One has nevertheless to pay special attention to the extreme differences in quality in terms of surface, tanning, processing and odour. Because casador supplies only top quality hides in Category 1A, we accept only around 3 – 5 % of the cowhides offered to us. Hides with extensive damage due to minor scuffing, insects or barbed wire, do not pass casador’s quality control tests. Only slight imperfections are accepted, ones which can be made virtually invisible after tanning by using a special technique. The hand-sorted casador hides always have the typical silk sheen, are soft and supple, tear-free and largely odourless.

Natural hide, coloured, embossed or lasered; ‘from a single piece’ or in your chosen format; in the form of a cow or further processed as a carpet, lampshade, chair cover or wall covering – the high-quality casador cowhides can be used in an endless variety of ways, captivating the viewer with their high quality and unique designs. Faced with more than 30 colours, including many exceptional fashionable colours, you will be spoilt for choice. In addition to single-colour hides, casador also offers you a choice of embossed, stamped, lasered or metalled surfaces. And as well as the hides in classic natural format, every colour, pattern and surface can also be supplied as carpets in individually chosen formats, as well as semi-finished products for finishing according to your designs.

By the way: there is no need to worry about the care of your cowhide! The hides have a natural hair fat, which is effective as a long-lasting water and dirt repellent. From time to time the hide should be cleaned and then sprayed with a standard impregnation product. For daily care it is enough to vacuum the hide in the direction of the hairs.