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Casador-carpets – tomorrow’s antiques

Aubusson Needlepoint
Needlepoint classical Savonnerie

Carpets – symbols of culture and prosperity around the world since time immemorial, they were never primarily practical floor coverings, but rather wall or floor ornamentation and ultimately status symbols. European carpets also always told stories of their times, stories of historical events such as marriages or battles.

While it was above all the Spaniards who influenced European carpet manufacture at first, in the seventeenth century French carpet manufacture also began, with the founding of Pierre Dupont’s factory in an old soap factory, the ‘Hospice de la Savonnerie’. Over the following years the eponymous Savonnerie carpets became a byword for magnificent carpets and so established the tradition of exceptionally fine European carpets.

We have revived this wonderful and luxurious tradition for you. Available for delivery in around a hundred pattern and colour combinations of your choice. they turn any house into a castle. Connect past and present today and create lasting value for your future! Our old-style Aubussons, needlepoints and Savonneries give modern architecture and interior design a completely new context. They are tomorrow’s antiques!